June 15, 2024

There are many reasons why tile is a great option for flooring. Tile is resilient, durable, does not absorb dust and resists stains. It is also relatively easy to maintain and clean. It is important to invest in the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors if you want to learn how tile floors are cleaned.
Most vacuums are suitable for tile and carpet. However, if you have tile floors, choose a model that focuses on the suction. It should also feature a soft brushroll, adequate filtration, and be easily maneuverable to avoid damaging the tiles.

Tile floors are more delicate than carpeted flooring and may require a lighter model. Cohoon says that, “when in doubt, always handle the vacuum with care to avoid damaging tiles.” We compared seven of the top vacuums for tile flooring based on expert reviews, user feedback and our personal testing.

Best vacuums for tile floors
Dyson Ball Animal: Best overall
Eureka Power Speed vacuum cleaner: Best budget.
Best splurge: Dyson Cyclone V15 Detect
Best cordless/stick vacuum: Samsung Jet 90
Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is the best for pet hair
Best robot: Roborock S8 Pro Ultra
Best handheld: Shark Vertex Ultra Light

Best Overall
Dyson Ball Animal 2.
Mary Farrell, Home & Appliances writer for Consumer Reports selected the Dyson Ball Animal 2 to be one of best vacuums for tile flooring and most reliable vacuum cleaners in general. She says that the Dyson Ball Animal 2 performed well in Consumer Reports bare flooring test, making it an excellent choice for kitchens, bathrooms and hardwood floors.

She says that the hose suction of this vacuum is one of the strongest we have tested. It also captures all the dust, which can be very useful if you suffer from allergies.

Consumer Reports selected the Dyson Ball Animal vacuum as the best overall vacuum cleaner for tile floors.
The hose has a powerful suction which efficiently captures dust
It is designed for homes with larger pets and larger spaces.
Amazon has received over 4,300 ratings, with an average of 4.5 stars
You can also find out more about Cons
The weight of the 17 pounder is a little heavy.

Best budget
Eureka Power Speed Vacuum
Cohoon, who is on a tight budget, recommends an upright bagless Eureka Power Speed vacuum that costs under $100. The vacuum is lightweight and has wheels, which makes it easy to move on tiles, hard surfaces, and anywhere else you need to vacuum. The vacuum has a “bare floor” mode that is perfect for tiled floors. The filter can be washed and the model is available in a special blue color, she says.

This vacuum cleaner is popular with Amazon customers, who have given it over 23,000 five-star reviews. It also has high ratings in the categories of suction, quality, value, and performance. This vacuum is a favorite of pet owners, and it’s one of the best for hardwood.

Powerful vacuum cleaners for under $100
Filter washable
Over 34,000 Amazon reviews with an average of 4.4 stars
You can also find out more about Cons
Some users have noted that it’s a bit loud

The best splurge
Dyson Cyclone V15 Detect
Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner that can clean tile floors quickly and effectively? Cohoon recommends Dyson Cyclone V15. The Dyson Cyclone V15 Detect rechargeable vacuum cleaner has the most powerful suction of all Dyson vacuums, at 240 watts. She says that this is a much higher suction power than the other popular Dyson vacuums.

This vacuum has a lot of features, including a hair-tangle-free screw, multiple cleaning heads, and Dyson’s latest laser technology. It was designed to remove pet hair, and other debris. The vacuum can be used for approximately 60 minutes with each charge.

Stephanie Hope, our Shopping Editor, has been using the Dyson Detect vacuum cleaner for more than three years. She still loves it. The suction of this vacuum is incredible. I can vacuum hardwood floors, carpets, rugs and tile floors with ease. “I love the LED light which shows me exactly where dirt and dust may be hiding to keep my home clean.”

Features a lot of bells, whistles and tools including cleaning heads and tools
Experts and reviews reveal the best vacuum cleaner for tiled floors
The Dyson DC18 has the strongest suction power of all Dyson vacuums
Convenient LED light detects hard-to-see dust
Over 1,000 Amazon reviews with an average of 4.5 stars
You can also find out more about Cons
The vacuum cleaners in our list are not as affordable as some of the others

Best cordless/stick vacuum
Samsung Jet 90
Are you looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner that is powerful, but costs less than Dyson? Cohoon suggests the Samsung Jet 90 – a lightweight, rechargeable vacuum cleaner that weighs only six pounds but offers 200 watts. She says that the vacuum has a HEPA-filter and a battery life of 60 minutes. The five-layer filter system is designed to capture 99.99% of dust and allergens, making this a great cleaning product for those with allergies.

Joseph & Lydia, who have reviewed the vacuum for themselves, say it’s one of the most effective vacuums to use on hardwood floors, carpets and tiles. The vacuum cleaner is “extremely maneuverable” and can “clean right up to the edge on the wall.” It also comes with multiple brush heads, cleaning tools and other accessories. Consumer Reports has also given this appliance high marks, selecting it as the best stick vacuums for 2023.

Consumer Reports selects the Best Cordless/Stick Vacuums for 2023
Brush heads and other accessories are included.
Includes a five layer HEPA filter system
Over 600 Amazon reviews with an average of 4.5 stars
You can also find out more about Cons
Users say it’s worth the price.

The best for pet hair
Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro
This vacuum-slash mop is a favorite among pet owners. It has 700 watts of powerful power and can quickly clean other pet mess and things that you wouldn’t normally clean with a vacuum. This multi-surface cleaner is suitable for most surfaces including hardwood, laminate, linoleum and tile. It can also be used on carpets and area rugs.

The CrossWave Pet Pro has a tangle free brush roll, which prevents pet hair from wrapping around the brush roll. It also separates the liquid and debris. The vacuum also features two tanks: one for the formula and clean water, and another for the dirt and debris that it collects. This makes your tank less likely clog and reduces the life of the vacuum.

Pet owners can choose the best vacuum cleaner for tiled floors.
The brush roll is tangle free and comes with a pet hair strainer
Over 16,000 Amazon five-star ratings
You can also find out more about Cons
The dirty water will need to be cleaned out more often by those with extremely dirty floors

Best Robot
Roborock S8 Pro Ultra
If you’re wondering whether robot vacuums were worth the money, then yes. Roborick S8 Pro Ultra, the Rolls Royce robot vacuums, is rated five stars by over 1,200 Amazon customers despite its high price. This powerhouse has a 6-in-1 cleaning system that requires no maintenance. It self-cleans using the dock included.

The tank can be refilled up to 7 weeks. The machine also has innovative 3D mapping that automatically identifies different types of floors and adjusts settings.

The device can clean up to 180 minutes per charge. It is controlled by a free mobile app as well as the voice of the user. This robot vacuum is among the most intelligent we have seen.

Apurva writes in a five-star review that she owned “many robot vacuums” before finding this “perfect vacuum.” They also add that the mopping feature was amazing and that the “app” that comes with it is the “best app” for any robot vacuum.

Robot vacuums that are the most intelligent, innovative and efficient for tile floors
Features include 3D mapping and self-cleaning.
Cleaning time is a lot per charge
Available in black and white
Amazon has 1,600 ratings, with an average of 4.4 stars
You can also find out more about Cons
The most expensive robot vacuum cleaner available

Best handheld
Shark Vertex Ultra Light
Cohoon recommends Shark Vertex Ultra Light as the best handheld for tiled floors. The Shark Vertex Ultra Light model offers a runtime of up to 60 mins and is equipped with LED lights, duo-clean power fins and a self cleaning brush roll. The flexible wand allows you to bend to clean underneath furniture. The trigger can be pulled to increase suction in those difficult areas.

One of the features that sets this vacuum apart from other best vacuum cleaners on tile floors is the fact that it can be transformed into a handheld model for unconventional uses, such as vacuuming the crumbs of a keyboard or cleaning the lint filters of a dryer.

Mike, an Amazon customer and pet owner, says he prefers the Shark to any Dyson because it is “half the price” and has a “solid, soft roller on the front that works wonders at cleaning even dust from hard surfaces.” “I wanted to be in a position to turn off the headlights but I like seeing the dust-free/furless tracks I leave on my floor.”

The best 2-in-1 for tile floors: A cordless handheld vacuum that can be transformed into a cordless vacuum.
The latest models are equipped with a variety of bells and whistles
Dyson is half the price
Amazon reviews with an average of 4.4 stars.
You can also find out more about Cons
Some people think the collection canister should be larger

Considerations to make when choosing the best vacuum for tile floors
Cohoon advises that when shopping for a tile floor vacuum, you should consider its suction power. Also, look at the type of brush roller, filtration system and maneuverability.

Vacuums for tiled floors: types and uses
There are several types of vacuums that can be used on tiled floors.

Cohoon says that upright vacuums can be used on many different types of floors, including vinyl and tiles. She says that upright vacuums are ideal for small spaces.
Canister: These vacuums are lightweight and easy to use. They also have a large base.
Cordless: Cordless vaccums are lightweight upright vacuums that have a rechargeable batteries. The vacuums can be moved from one room to another without having to worry about cords or power outlets.
Cohoon says that a robot vacuum cleaner is “very convenient,” because it “cleans on its own.” If your house has multiple levels, or sunken, elevated rooms, then you’ll have to move the robot manually.

We found the best vacuums to clean tile floors
Our sole job as shopping experts is to find you a product that will work for you. To ensure we only recommend products that are worth the time and money, we start by researching and reporting the basics. We look at what the product is made from, how it looks and the price. We then research features that are indicative of the product’s value, and we consult with industry experts to determine what makes it a good buy (or worth a splurge). We then read user reviews and see if the product is up to par.

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