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Press Release Blockchain Centre & IBM

Blockchain Centre and IBM collaborate to help Australian developers and start-ups drive innovation

Melbourne, Australia, May 3rd, 2017: Blockchain Centre announced it is working with IBM to expand the blockchain ecosystem with a program that assists Australian developers and startups to collaborate and build solutions for new blockchain businesses.

Established in 2014, based in Southbank, Melbourne, the not for profit organisation Blockchain Centre has become the home for blockchain technology in Australia and having conducted hundreds of free education workshops and industry focused community events. 

As the world’s first blockchain knowledge hub, the Blockchain Centre offers education, community events and outreach activities. It is also home to more than 15 companies which include some of the most innovative and profitable blockchain start-ups in Australia. One such start-up incubated at the Centre is Australia’s largest blockchain asset backed exchange, (, powered by IBM Bluemix cloud infrastructure services. 

Blockchain Centre founder and Blockchain Global CEO Sam Lee said, “It’s great to have IBM see value in the ecosystem we’ve built up over the last three years by engaging global blockchain talent through our centre. With our company’s expanding global footprint and strengthening our collaboration with IBM, we look forward to establishing Blockchain Centres in more locations around the world.” 

Blockchain Global ( have sponsored the Centre’s operations since its launch in 2014. They are Australia’s most well-known blockchain company managing a corporate consulting division, an incubator funding program for new blockchain startups in addition to operating international blockchain auditing and network infrastructure services. 

Other resident businesses at the Blockchain Centre include Brave New Coin (, Blockchain Edu Foundation ( and Distributed Technologies Institute (

Blockchain Centre Community Manager Martin Davidson said, “These are very exciting times for the rapidly expanding blockchain ecosystem. Our mission has always been to share blockchain education with all members of society by creating a physical space known as a blockchain knowledge and community hub. Blockchain Centre brings together like minded and passionate blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to collaborate on new blockchain businesses.”

“We are proud to collaborate with IBM as we consider them like us, pioneers leading the blockchain revolution. IBM’s Blockchain Garages are building solutions for enterprise and their support of the Linux Foundation’s open source Hyperledger Project offers the developer community open access and transparency to contribute on numerous blockchain projects and applications across many different industry verticals.”

“Blockchain is a new technology that enables businesses to interact and work together with a lot more trust by empowering organisations to digitise transaction workflow through a highly secure, shared and replicable ledger.  IBM is at the forefront of this technology and offers clients the full stack of blockchain solutions to meet their specific industry needs. Through our collaboration with the Blockchain Centre, IBM will continue to help developers and startups build solutions that will solve real business problems across industries and drive innovation,” said Amanda Johnston-Pell, Chief of Startups, IBM Australia and New Zealand.

IBM is the second sponsor and partner alongside Blockchain Global to support Blockchain Centre operations. 

For more information about Blockchain Centre’s activities, visit: or email 

Blockchain Global CEO Sam Lee interviewed on Sky News Business

Monday 1st May

Blockchain Centre founder and Blockchain Global CEO Sam Lee was interviewed on Sky News Business this week discussing the blockchain ecosystem and Bitcoins new all-time high price.

To find more about the Blockchain Global visit-

ACX 1st Anniversary and Mango Markets Launch Party

Wednesday 26th April.

Blockchain Centre’s resident Blockchain backed asset exchange, ACX celebrated its first year of operations announcing over AU $600 million in bitcoins traded to date.

In just one short year, ACX has rapidly grown to 70% of the Australia bitcoin exchange market share by offering customers the most liquidity, deepest order book, lowest price and zero % trading fees when buying and selling bitcoins.

You can find more information the global Bitcoin market including exchange data by visiting Brave New Coin- for the best industry data, insights and analysis.

We wish the ACX team continued success in growing the Bitcoin and blockchain market here in Australia. To join Australia’s fastest growing Bitcoin exchange platform, visit-

To coincide with ACX’s 1st-year birthday celebrations, founder and CEO Alejandro Betancourt announced the launch of Mango Markets, a new Venezuelan Bitcoin exchange which uses the power of the white label Blockchain asset-backed exchange solution.

We wish Mango Markets the best of luck in building the Bitcoin economy in Venezuela, a country in dire need of a currency or digital store of value which not only holds its value against the costs of goods and services but actually has the potential to appreciates in value over time.

For more information and on Mango Markets visit at: or email its founder Alejandro-

If you’re interested in starting an exchange in your country or region or to find out more about the ACX blockchain asset-backed exchange white label solution, please email-

Wednesday 22nd April.

This is was a one off special event at Blockchain Centre for the Blockchain, Fintech and startup community to hear about business opportunities in Hong Kong and beyond Australia.Associate Director-General Mr. Charles Ng and his team from Invest Hong Kong was here at the Blockchain Centre to share about business opportunities in Hong Kong and using Hong Kong as a platform for Asia and global markets, in particularly for financial technology start ups.

Associate Director-General Mr. Charles Ng and his team from Invest Hong Kong was here at the Blockchain Centre to share about business opportunities in Hong Kong and using Hong Kong as a platform for Asia and global markets, in particularly for financial technology start ups.

Mr. Charles Ng leads the Startmeup HK programme which aims to promote Hong Kong as a premier startup destination in Asia, attract overseas entrepreneurs to the city and help to build it into a leading destination and hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.Thanks to everyone who attended this really interesting event and

Thanks to everyone who attended this really interesting event and a big thanks to our special guests, Charles Ng and his Invest Hong Kong team.

Here’s the link to access his presentation on the unlimited opportunities for startup businesses in Hong Kong now, and into the future.

Blockchain Centre looks forward to continuing to build a working relationship with Invest Hong Kong regarding our global expansion plans. We’ll be sure to update the community once we have more news..

Blockchain Centre takes part in The Big Umbrella’s ReaL MeaL program

Wednesday 22nd March.

In follow up to our end of year fundraiser where we raised over $1400 for The Big Umbrella, Blockchain Centre community members took part in TBU ReaL MeaL activity to help show our friends on the street the #biglove The Big Umbrella Foundation are are famous for.

It was a massive night with over 200kgs of rescued food from friends of TBU OzHarvest Melbourne.

Thanks everyone for a great night and a big shout out to Alastair MacGibbon, the Prime Minister’s Senior advisor on cyber security for joining the Blockchain Centre team for this great experience and helping us to give back to society.


If you’d like your organisation to take part in this awesome program, visit-

FinTech Victoria

The Blockchain Melbourne Community Keeps Growing

The inaugural Hyperledger Melbourne meetup shows that the Victorian blockchain community is vibrant and GROWING.

Another full house event at The Blockchain Centre

Creating a centre of gravity around a Fintech vertical is hard work. That’s why it’s so impressive what the Blockchain Melbourne team have been able to achieve over a very short period of time. They have taken what 2 years ago was thought to be a esoteric niche and built a vibrant community around their passion for the vertical.

With the hosting of first Hyperledger Melbourne meetup they have shown that Victoria has a real hunger for blockchain tech — and it’s just getting started.

On the night we heard from Matt Lucas from IBM’s Blockchain Global Enablement team about the Hyperledger project, the road ahead for it, the Blockchain trends he is observing locally and globally and the work IBM are engaged in with clients around the world. It was a insightful talk that everyone in the room really enjoyed. Most found the demo of a live app on IBM’s blockchain as a service (BaaS) to be hugely instructive as to how easy it now is to deploy a chain to production.

The Hyperledger Meetup Melbourne team have another massive event in the works already! So sign up to the meetup to ensure you don’t miss the next event.


This article is referenced from fintechvictoria. 2017. The Blockchain Melbourne Community Keeps Growing. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 22 February 2017].

FinTech Victoria

Victoria: The Home Of Digital Currency In Australia

The Blockchain Melbourne meetup group hosted an event to discuss the opportunities and challenges of operating a digital currency exchange in Australia. The event showed once again that Victoria really is the home of digital currency in Australia.

Another full house for the February Blockchain Melbourne meetup

If you’ve been paying attention to the recent price rise in bitcoin you might think that running a digital currency exchange is all ‘rainbows and skittles’. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, it can be a complex proposition — having to navigate an uncertain regulatory landscape, working with financial institutions that closely scrutinize your risk profile and having to build a platform that can withstand highly motivated hackers isn’t easy.

These are just a few of the topics we explored at the February Blockchain Melbourne meetup.

To really deep dive on what it’s like to run a digital currency exchange we invited our friends from CoinJar, Coinloft, Cointree and Buy A Bitcoin to talk about what it’s like to run a digital currency exchange in 2017.

A great conversation about the challenges of running a digital currency exchange

The panel session highlighted some of the ongoing issues the industry faces in Australia. The panel called out regulation as an ongoing concern. More specifically, most on the panel highlighted regulatory uncertainty as a major issues in building a digital currency startup in Australia. Having said, this most were still bullish on the industry and could definitely see further growth opportunities.

A slightly more esoteric issue that was discussed by the panel was the ongoing issues that exchanges face with the lack of scaling of the bitcoin blockchain. It was noted by one exchange that they paid $10,000 in mining fees in January.

For the uninitiated, mining fees are a tax that those transacting on the bitcoin network pay to have a transaction entered into the bitcoin blockchain. The bitcoin blockchain has suffered from a clogging issue due to the size of blocks (currently 1mb). To ensure a transaction is recorded on the bitcoin blockchain those transacting can choose to pay a higher mining fee and this is a what exchanges are doing to ensure their customer’s transactions are recorded promptly ‘on chain’. This is proving to be a topical issue for the industry as many call for the block size to increase to accomodate, essentially, more transactions.

Beyond being a highly informative panel session, the event highlighted the depth of digital currency startup talent in Victoria. With 4 major digital currency companies located in Victoria it again highlights that this is the home digital currency and blockchain tech in Australia.

Also, it’s worth highlighting the fantastic work of the Blockchain Centre in supporting the event and the continuing to champion the industry in Victoria.

Make sure you sign up to the Blockchain Melbourne meetup to keep up to date with the latest events and news in Blockchain tech here in Victoria.

This article is referenced from fintechvictoria. 2017. Victoria: The Home Of Digital Currency In Australia. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 1 March 2017].