April 20, 2024

How to strip copper wire for scrap

Copper and the Scrap Metal Industry

Copper is one of the most popular metals for scrap. Copper is available in many different sizes and shapes including wires, pipes, plates and electronic devices. Copper is easily available as scrap because we use a lot of electronics, both old and new. You can make money by selling scrap copper metals. But you must first separate the copper into two different grades. It is important to know how much copper you will strip regularly and whether the cost of the job will be worth it.

What are the different scrap wire stripping solutions?

No-burning is the solution most commonly used for stripping copper. This process does not involve burning to remove the insulation.

Stripping copper wire with the sun is an alternative method. You can use the heat of the sun during the hand-stripping process to speed up the process. The wire can be heated in an oven or by placing it inside of a black box. The insulation will become softer with heat and more easily removed with a razor blade or hand.

Thirdly, you can use a wire stripper. Get a small tabletop machine to familiarize yourself. On the machine, or in the manual, you will find the instructions for stripping the different types and sizes. Separate containers for the stripped insulator are also a good idea.

How to Strip Copper Wire

Razor or Handheld tool

Consider the weight of materials that you will be bringing to strip for help in determining the best method. Strip wires thicker than a pencil or your finger to get more scrap copper. When looking for a stripping device, the razor or handheld tool is good for stripping under 100 pounds of copper per month. Wear hand gloves to prevent accidents.

The Tabletop Wire Stripper

This stripping option is ideal for stripping a few hundred pounds of copper wires per month. This stripper is affordable and convenient. You will be able to use it within minutes.

Electric Wire Strippers

The best option for large quantities of copper wire is to use electric wire strippers. The motor-powered stripper is a little expensive, but it’s much faster.

If you are unsure of what to do, you can start small with a few pounds of copper scraps and handheld tools or razors. As the demand increases, you can switch to more sophisticated tools like stripping machines and electric strippers. You can start with a few pounds of scrap copper and use handheld tools, razors, or electric strippers. As demand increases, you can upgrade to more advanced tools, such as stripping machines, and electric strippers. Please contact M&M Recycling if you want to sell your scrap copper metal recycling.

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