April 20, 2024

The automotive industry is still coping with issues related to supply chains and long-term changes that have been made in the way cars are constructed. Today’s cars are much more complex regarding technology than the ones we drove as children. The shift to electric vehicles (EVs), with their attendant service requirements, is only speeding up the change.

Keep these changes from passing your auto repair shop by. Here are five business management apps that will help you run your auto repair shop smoothly.

Thrive Inventories

To manage supply chain issues and to keep critical parts on hand, you need an accurate view of the inventory available and the cost of parts. Thrive Inventory provides analytics that reports profitability by item (or category), function, and much more. This gives you a comprehensive view of your business that can be used to increase sales, reduce costs, and manage inventory.

Melio, Pay your Bills

Paying bills is time-consuming, especially for business owners. Melio is now available to pay bills. The app allows you to pay for business expenses, such as rent, utilities, and taxes, or suppliers, contractors, etc., from a central dashboard in your Clover account. This can help you spend less time chasing down bills and more time building your business.

Loyalzoo Memberships and Card-on-File

Membership subscriptions have become the most popular way to reward customers. Loyalzoo’s Memberships and Recurring payments can help you create a subscription loyalty program tailored to your business. You can, for example, create membership levels that offer discounts to members on maintenance services, repairs, or parts. And you can store the cards of your loyal customers on file, making payments more straightforward and quicker. You can also sell memberships through your website, all directly integrated with Clover.

Promos by Clover

The Clover Promos App, part of the Clover Suite Customer Engagement, helps you generate interest and sales with ongoing promotions via text, email, Facebook, and even receipts. You can now boost slower periods by increasing traffic. You can also reach out to old customers who last got in touch a long time ago. Promos are easy to use and come with your Clover Point of Sale.

Homebase Time clock

TimeClock by Homebase is a robust app that streamlines scheduling and payroll. It also allows employees to change shifts as needed, calculate payroll taxes, and calculate paychecks automatically. This app is also an excellent tool for team communication, allowing you to easily communicate with your employees regarding any training or policy changes.

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