April 20, 2024

For this reason, consumers have learned to rely upon heuristics, i.e., mental shortcuts, to help them cut through the clutter. If 10 million people purchase the latest book by Dan Brown, then you are more likely to buy a copy. It must be good.

It is the same for box office sales and “the number” of hamburgers served.

These are all examples of social proof. To make our purchasing decisions, we rely on the wisdom and experience of the crowd. In many ways, however, the knowledge and understanding of experts is even more persuasive. If 9 out of 10 doctors prescribe a migraine medication, then it must work. Right?

Getting that stamp of approval takes work. Who has the money, time, and resources to interview the most influential people in their field? There’s an easier way to gain credibility. You can be a business that is recognized for its excellence.

Business awards can be influential.

Business awards from credible third parties can help you establish your brand as trustworthy and deliver.

This last point is worth repeating. Consumers consistently perceive award-winning businesses as being more honest and reputable, even if they aren’t aware of it.

Michelin-starred establishments, for instance, are more likely to attract new customers than their non-starred counterparts, even if the dining experience in both types of restaurants is similar.

The best businesses will highlight their certifications wherever possible, whether on landing pages, shopping carts, or brochures. This approach, when done with taste, can attract more customers.

The value of business awards goes far beyond reputation or foot traffic.

Benefits of being a winner

Do you want to know more reasons why your small business should strive for awards? Consider these three additional factors:

Employee morale can be improved.

Everyone on your team will feel better when you win a prestigious prize. It is nice to see their hard work recognized.

It’s great for the moment, but your employees are more likely to defend their titles in the future. Being “best in class” for multiple years is a great feeling.

Visibility Increased

The profile of your business can be boosted by winning awards. This awareness is not limited to consumers. Suppliers, vendors, and investors may pay more attention to your articles or distinction ceremonies.

Prices are rising

If you are a successful business, it may be possible to charge more and justify this.

Take the Michelin example from above. Consider the Michelin restaurant example above.

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