April 23, 2024

You are interested in purchasing your first mechanical keyboard. But you want to understand how it will impact your typing experience. To improve your typing, we’ll show you what to expect.

Let’s dive into the list to see all the advantages of using a keyboard mechanically for typing.

This article will show you our top keyboard for typing.

1. Super Consistent Keystrokes
Mechanical keyboards can be very different from the standard keyboard you use at work or the one you have with your computer.

The most common keyboard style uses either a membrane or rubber dome. I’ll go into more detail.

These keys do not have individual keys, but are instead resting on a pressure pad. When the membrane is pressed, they activate an underlay electrical circuit.

This style has one major drawback: it lacks tactile feedback. It makes it extremely difficult to type without making mistakes. It is similar to typing on a waterbed, and your fingers will feel lost at sea.

However, every key on a mechanical keyboard has a separate switch beneath it.

The spring is contained within a housing that houses the switch. The spring provides resistance to the keystrokes when the key is pressed.

Each key has its own switch so you can be sure that your keyboard will register every keystroke accurately and consistently. This is why both gamers and typists prefer a mechanical keyboard to a rubber dome.

2. For precise typing, use custom switches

A mechanical keyboard offers the ultimate advantage of being able to select which type of switch to use. There are three types of switches available: tactile, clicky, and linear.

Clicky switches sound exactly like they do. They make a clicking noise when you press the keys and give off a tactile bump. They are perfect for people who enjoy loud typing and can’t be bothered by others. Read more about our top clicky switches.

Linear switches are smooth as butter. Linear switches are very consistent and have no tactile bumps, make minimal noise, and don’t produce any sound. Gamers love this type of switch because they are so consistent in their operation. Linear switches are also available for typing. However, it is important to not tip the switches too hard. Find out our top-rated linear switches here.

Typists should use tactile switches as their first choice. They are moderately loud, have a pleasant tactile bump that can increase typing accuracy and pleasure. Read more about our top tactile switches here.

It is up to you whether you prefer a keyboard that makes clicking sounds, feels rough, or is smooth and quiet. Some people type better with a loud keyboard that wakes up the neighbors, while others prefer a quiet keyboard.

You can choose the type of sound and feel that will make you the most efficient typist possible.

A mechanical switch provides unparalleled tactile and clicky feedback. You can choose a switch that makes a click upon every keystroke to let your fingers know it registered. It’s so satisfying.

3. Easy Customization of Layouts

A great advantage to mechanical keyboards are the many sizes that they come in. There are many sizes to choose from, including full-sized at 60% and miniatures. Check out our guide to the size of a mechanical keyboard.

There are many options available, whether you need a large keyboard with a number pad to do lots of data-entry, or a smaller keyboard with just the alphanumeric keys.

The perfect balance between size and comfort is key to maximizing your desk space, making it more productive and less cluttered.

A smaller keyboard is a great option for those who have to carry their keyboard with them everywhere, from work to home or to the coffee shop. You can’t go wrong with a mechanical keyboard if you want a compact, small keyboard.

We love the 65% Mechanical Keyboard layout. It’s compact and small enough to be our personal favorite.

4. N-Key Rollover
N-key Rollover is something you have probably heard of, but I am sure you have experienced the negative effects of not having N-key rollingover.

Try typing 5 keys simultaneously if you are at a keyboard. If you can only register 1 or 2 keys, it means that your keyboard needs to be replaced.

N-key rollover lets you press multiple keys simultaneously and they all register in the same order.

You may have experienced the problem where the key would not register, even though you swear you did press it. It wasn’t you that was the problem, it was the keyboard not being fast enough to keep up your typing speed.

N-key rollover for gamers and typists is a must-have feature. A mechanical keyboard is a great choice.

5. Long-Lasting Durability
Mechanical keyboards can last for a very long time. Many of the original mechanical keyboards from the 1980’s still work today, such as the IBM Model M.

A mechanical keyboard’s switches have a longer lifespan than those of a membrane keyboard. Cherry MX, a leading manufacturer of switches, boasts a durability rate of 100 million keystrokes. This is well within factory conditions. You’ll notice that I didn’t say they would break after 100,000,000 keystrokes.

The switch will not break if you press one of the keys 100 million times. It will feel slightly worn-in if it does. Many keyboard enthusiasts prefer the feel and feel of a worn-in switch. This means that even after 100 million keystrokes, your keyboard will still feel great. Sometimes even better than new.

A membrane keyboard can only be rated for 10,000,000 keystrokes, which is one tenth as many. If I have ever seen one, that’s a great cost-benefit reason to purchase a mechanical keyboard.

Some keyboards have additional features that can make them more durable over time. Mechanical keyboards can last for years with features like PBT keycaps and aluminum metal casing.

Is a mechanical keyboard faster to type?
After we have covered the main benefits of using a mechanical keyboard to type, you might be wondering if a mechanical keyboard will actually make it faster.

It is likely that it will not at first. It takes some time to adjust to typing on a mechanical keyboard.

After some time, your typing speed will return to normal. You may also notice a reduction in errors, which could increase your word count per minute.

However, it is best to practice and spend a lot of time typing on your keyboard. Although a mechanical keyboard will not instantly double your typing speed, you might notice an improvement in your accuracy over time.

Durgod Taurus K320 is my favorite mechanical keyboard for typing

We couldn’t make this article complete without pointing you in the right direction to a great keyboard for typing. We have tested dozens of keyboards and found that the Durgod K320 is our favorite.

It has excellent build quality, Cherry MX switches and PBT keycaps. The K320 also features perfect stabilizers. It came with a tenkey less layout without a number pad and a detachable power cord so you can take it anywhere.

The K320 is a great choice for anyone looking for a mechanical keyboard to start typing. The Durgod K320 can be purchased on Amazon at a very affordable price.

A mechanical keyboard is a better option for typing. It offers many benefits, such as consistent keystrokes and customized switches, larger layouts, N Key rollover, and durability.

There are so many limits that it is difficult to put them all together in five tips.

While a mechanical keyboard will not instantly increase typing speed, its benefits are well worth the price. I recommend that everyone try it at least once.

You will see a decrease of errors which could be due to some carryover to a quicker wpm.

The Durgod Taurus K320 is our favorite recommendation for a mechanical keyboard for typing. It’s an excellent keyboard that offers a more enjoyable typing experience than any other keyboards.

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