Blockchain Masterclass

Blockchain is a new technology buzz word gaining massive press and media attention and coverage around the world. But like any new technology, the concept can be very complex and confusing to understand.

Come for this masterclass to learn how Blockchain works, the history behind it and explore potential use cases.

Are you interested in this new technology?

Would you like to upskill yourself in understanding Blockchain technology?

Find out more at our Blockchain Masterclass.

Topics covered are
• What is the Blockchain and how does it work?
• Key features of Blockchains
• Numerous use cases for Blockchains
• Case studies of several competing Blockchains
• Different Blockchain protocols explained
• How to decide the necessity of Blockchain as a solution
RSVP is available now. Do sign up to reserve your spot for $100.
The price of the workshop includes pizza and drinks after the workshop.

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Some testimonials from past attendees:
“Good community with valuable information available to both new and experienced”. – James Lynch, Dollars with Sense
“Great Overview of Blockchain & Bitcointechnologies” – Shaun Ewe
“Excellent for anyone wanting a good overview and opportunity to ask questions and springboard to adjacent subjects.” – John Kavanagh, Higgs Bozen Productions

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