April 23, 2024

Why should you take your business online?

There are many benefits of going online. While survival is essential in the current economic climate, you should also consider other factors. E-commerce is a good move for any business, not only in the short term but also over the long run, once the rules of physical distance are relaxed. Consider the following:

  • Even when restrictions are eased, having options is great. A robust online store allows you to continue managing your business from wherever you may be.
  • Online stores offer a unique way to interact with customers. Live chat support may allow you to maintain a high-touch relationship with your customers.
  • Online marketing can help you expand your market. In these difficult times, if you run a highly-specialized business, you might need to expand your market beyond your local area. A storefront online allows you to reach out to potential clients and customers outside your locality and anyone forced to shelter in their homes.
  • It may be challenging to deal with orders, questions, and requests at all hours, but this is the best way. Set aside an hour per day to respond to emails or requests. This will allow you more time for other tasks. This will streamline your time, and your customers can expect a timely and consistent response.

Create a robust store with BigCommerce.

BigCommerce(r) is a partner that we have worked with. It’s ideal for more prominent, established companies, particularly retail ones. If you have a large inventory and multiple locations, you will need an ecommerce platform to accommodate these needs. BigCommerce can be an excellent option for those who want their online store to perform well and are willing and able to customize it. BigCommerce is best suited for verticals such as fashion, apparel, homewares, sporting goods, and toy stores.

Install BigCommerce to get started on your Clover POS. You can then import your Clover catalog into a BigCommerce store in just a few simple clicks. You can accept online payments, view orders, and more using your Clover merchant account. Inventory stock counts are updated on Clover and BigCommerce as you sell online or offline when the store is open.

BigCommerce offers Clover merchants three months of free* access to the platform. This offer is valid until June 30, 2020.

You can read more about it here:

Many small businesses may be unable to continue doing business as usual in the current crisis. However, you still have many options to protect your business, serve your community and support your staff. Our days are spent working on ways to help our merchants better so that you can weather the storm. Check out our web pages for financial assistance and business preparation.

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