We asked our partner, Innovation Melbourne to provide key insights into coworking.

Blockchain Centre member, Taylor Tran said:

“Coworking is a collaboration space for entrepreneurs. Apart from providing the usual office facilities and WIFI, the most important aspects of a successful coworking space are an active community, a connected community manager and a noticeable culture. Otherwise, it’s just another shared office which has been in existence for decades”

“The coworking concept started in 2005 in the US and 2007 in Australia. Currently, there are as many as 200 coworking spaces around Melbourne alone. In the book, Innovation Melbourne, Taylor Tran listed over 70+ spaces that are more closely aligned to the definition of coworking as recognised by the industry.”

“If you’re an entrepreneur, coworking spaces offer much more value compared to traditional share offices. This is because coworkings spaces are usually much more deeply connected to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. So not only do entrepreneurs find it much easier to collaborate with each other, they are also fewer steps away from the network of events, forums, people, institutions and funding sources that support the entrepreneurial journey”.

“In my view, entrepreneurs would be missing out on a lot if they are currently not connected to a coworking space”.

Taylor Tran, Author, Innovation Melbourne.


In this short interview at the book launch of Taylor Tran’s book, Innovation Melbourne, Martin Davidson of the Blockchain Centre coworking space, talks about coworking in Melbourne.

“We engage and help future innovators understand what is possible with Blockchain Technology and Innovation Melbourne will be a great resource to assist budding entrepreneurs connect with our community.“ , Martin Davidson, Blockchain Centre