April 23, 2024

We all face situations in our daily lives where we lose or forget something. How many times do you need to search for keys that have been lost? Sometimes we lose our pet and have to search for it again.
These situations can be very stressful. We have a solution. You can track lost items with the new Samsung Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag Plus. We’ll explain what the SmartTag is and how to use SmartThings. Continue reading.

What is the Samsung SmartTag?
The Samsung SmartTag is a small device that uses Bluetooth and Ultra-Wide Band (UWB), to track various items. The app on the tag directs you to the location of your lost item and displays it on your phone’s display. The Samsung SmartTag can be described as a Bluetooth tracker.

The CR2032 is a common and affordable battery that powers the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus and SmartTag Plus. It can also be replaced by users. You can also have an augmented real view if you’re close enough to the item to touch it. (To do this, tap an AR mode in SmartThings.

It can be attached to your keys and handbag. SmartTag is not only useful for keeping track your personal items, but it can also be used to create a smart home system.

You can control multiple home automation devices such as thermostats and smart lights. This function is well worth the cost of a tracker.

Note: These devices only work with the latest SmartThings app version (Galaxy S21 Plus or S21 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra, and Galaxy S21 Plus). Although you can add as many as 200 tags to each device, there are limitations due to the SmartTag being a wireless-based device. Remember that you can only register one tracker per item.

What is the working principle of Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag Plus?
Only the SmartTag Plus and Apple’s AirTags use both Bluetooth and Ultra-Wide Band (UWB), respectively, to locate your tag. It uses other Samsung devices to detect the location and sends it to your phone. Apple AirTag also uses iOS devices to locate lost items.

How do I set up Samsung Galaxy SmartTag
Scroll down to the Find section of SmartThings App. Next, press the SmartTag Plus button. You’ll hear the Tag make a loud sound and then you’ll see the New Device Found window. Next, tap Add Now to agree with Samsung’s license. Tap Start.

Select the item that you wish to attach to your SmartTag by tapping its name. You can choose to attach keys or wallet, for example. After you have set up the Find’s Map, it will display the location of the tag. Your tag might then ask to update its firmware. In all, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to set up your tag.

How can you use Smart Things?
What can you do with the Samsung SmartTag if you have lost something? You first need to create SmartTag and link it with your Samsung account. Next, open the SmartThings Find App on your smartphone and then click it.

Tap the Menu button to open it. Next, select All devices. Select the SmartTag Plus or SmartTag you want, then click View Map. You will now see the map showing the location of your tag.

SmartTag uses Google Maps to navigate and may need to use the camera to locate your items.

Before you can use it, you will need to grant permission. To help you locate the tag, your phone can play a sound. To check if the item is near, tap the ring button. Then, follow the familiar sound of the ringtone at the volume that you have set.

What is the connection to other Samsung devices like it?
The indicator will show you how far away your tag is if it’s close to you. Other Samsung devices can anonymously locate the tag and tell you where it is. Ultra-wideband allows your phone and the tag to communicate and to estimate a precise location within a few inches.

The device’s owner is not involved. This happens in the background, and privacy is assured.

How can I locate my pet using the Samsung SmartTag
Do I have to attach a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag to my pet? You can, in fact. However, you will need other devices in order to locate the SmartTag. Samsung SmartTag isn’t always reliable in this instance. If you live in rural areas, there may not be any phones nearby.

To track your pet, we recommend that you don’t rely on a Bluetooth device finder with a limited range. These are best used for GPS tracking. Tractive GPS is a good choice. Tractive GPS is a tracker specifically designed to help you locate your cat or dog.

The GPS tracker attaches directly to your pet’s collar. It allows you to not only control their location, but also keep track of their activity. Tractive GPS also has great features like an unlimited range that allows you to track your four-legged friend no matter where it is. You can also set up a virtual fencing so that your pet will know when it leaves the area.

Other features include Family Sharing which allows you and your friends to share your pet’s control with your family, friends, or pet-sitters, LIVE Mode which makes it easy to locate your pet within 2-3 seconds, and Location History which displays where your furbaby was in the last 365 calendar days.

You should be aware that such a device can pose a risk to your pet’s safety. It is small enough that your pet could swallow it easily. Despite this, Tractive GPS works better than SmartTag for tracking your pet. SmartTag was initially designed to find someone’s personal belongings.

Is SmartTag equipped with GPS?
The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag doesn’t have GPS, unlike Apple AirTag. Only other devices’ networks can help locate the location. As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the Samsung tracker cannot search for your pet’s location near other Samsung users. Tractive GPS uses universal technologies as well as cell networks to track your pet anywhere.

Samsung SmartTag vs. SmartTag Plus
It is possible to ask if there are any differences between Samsung SmartTag Plus and SmartTag Plus. The difference between SmartTag Plus and SmartTag Plus is that SmartTag Plus has ultra-wideband connectivity. If you own the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you can use your phone’s back camera to create a SmartTag.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can not be used with all Galaxy phones. UWB technology is only compatible with the Galaxy S21 Plus, S21 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra.

Where can I get both versions?
The Standard SmartTag was launched first, and you can purchase them online or in electronics. You can only purchase the UWB version from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag vs. Apple AirTag
It is important to say that SmartTags and Apple AirTags are very similar. Both were created to track personal items that are easily lost, such as keys and bikes. Both devices rely on each other in the same network.

It is obvious. The Samsung SmartTag can only be used with Android devices (Samsung phones), while the Apple AirTag can only be used with iOS devices. The SmartThings Find App can’t be installed on an iPhone, and vice versa.

SmartTag: Other facts you should know
AR Finding is supported by the SmartTag. AR Finding allows you to pinpoint the location of the SmartTag using your smartphone’s camera and in app graphics. All you have to do is raise your phone.

AR Finding is only compatible with Galaxy phones and tablets that support Android 11 or higher. This feature is available for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Plus.

Although the battery life is expected to last a long time, there are a few things that can reduce it. For example, if you use AR too frequently or leave a SmartTag alone for too long. The SmartTag comes with a coin-replaceable battery.

The Galaxy SmartTag can also find offline information. SmartTag can also search nearby for Apple and Tile Mate if there is no Bluetooth range.

It only works for Samsung phones. Users have to agree to help locate tags from other people.

You will need to access the Biometrics screen and Security screen on your phone to enable this mode. You can also use the SmartThings Find interface to do this. When someone’s phone gets the tag signal, their location is automatically sent to Samsung servers. The information then goes to your phone.

How long can the Samsung Smart Tag’s battery last? The battery life of the Samsung Smart Tag is one year. However, it all depends on how much you use it. You can replace the battery easily without any additional services to continue using your SmartTag. We will show you how to do it in the next paragraph.

How do I change the battery on a SmartTag’s SmartTag? The SmartTag uses the same CR2032 battery that is used in watches. Use your fingers or a flat object to insert the SmartTag into the recess at the bottom. Pull the tag until it opens. Replace the battery with the new one. Reattach the tag cover. That’s it.

How can I tell if my SmartTag has a low battery? The SmartTag’s battery life is about 1 year so it won’t be a problem for long. You can check it simply by opening the SmartThings App on your smartphone and then tap the connected SmartTag.

Can Samsung Smart Tags be used over long distances? SmartTag uses Bluetooth Low Energy for communication with your phone. Its maximum range of connection is 120 meters. This tech can also be used to wirelessly stream music from your phone.

You can still find your SmartTag if it is out of range.

To conclude
We all have to deal with situations where we lose something. You could lose your keys, wallet, or pet. Today, there are many special devices that can track your items using your smartphone or tablet. AirTag is the best option for iOS users. SmartTag is the best option for Android users.

Tractive GPS is a specially designed tool that allows you to keep track of your pet pets. It has many interesting features such as Activity Monitoring and Live Mode, Unlimited Range and Virtual Fence. Location History and Family Sharing are also available.

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