Investing in Crypto Currency Workshop

Please note this is an entry level workshop.

What is Cryptocurrency? Is it really the money of the future?

If you’ve ever wondered what Cryptocurrencies are and would like to get started on being a Cryptocurrency trader, this Masterclass is for you.

This workshop aims to dive deeper into the world of Cryptocurrencies.

What can you expect from the workshop?
• Fundamentals, approaches and challenges to investing
• Differences in Cryptocurrency
• Where to acquire and trade Cryptocurrency
• Different Cryptocurrency storage options
• How to secure your Cryptocurrency
• Setting up of mobile wallet and web trading account
RSVP is available now. Do sign up to reserve your spot for $100.

The price of the workshop includes pizza and drinks after the workshop.

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Some Testimonials from past attendees:
“I found the information presented both practical and accessible” – James Lynch, Dollars with Sense.
“If you are new to the wild world of Crypto, this class covers all the ‘need-to-knows’ sprinkled with a few nuggets of info that you won’t find online. Thanks for running an excellent class guys!” – Sebastian
“Educational guidance on where to start looking and how to buy and sell.” – Nancy Keogh.

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