FINNIES 2018: Here are all the finalists for Australia’s fintech industry awards

Source: Business Inside Australia
15th May 2018

FinTech Australia just announced the finalists for the 2018 Finnie awards.

89 companies and individuals were chosen for Australia’s only industry-backed fintech awards, from a record field of more than 200 entries.

“While the entries were all of a very high quality, the finalists showcase the best of Australia’s fintech industry and some amazing individual and company achievements,” said FinTech Australia chair Stuart Stoyan

Excellence in FinTech Support Services – Infrastructure and Investment

Blockchain Centre
● Reinventure Group
● Stone & Chalk
● Tank Stream Labs
● YBF Ventures
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Let’s talk… Startup/Corporate Collaborations

Source: Dynamic Business
2nd May 2018

Karen Cohen, operations manager, Blockchain Centre: “Despite the mismatch in culture, startup and larger organisations rely on each other. Startups are agile in their pursuit of future success – they are not afraid to make mistakes and keep trying new ways of doing things. However, they can always benefit from the large, established investors…….. Read the Full Article


How the CEO of Melbourne’s Blockchain Centre is taking the revolutionary tech mainstream

Source: Business News Australia
2nd May 2018

Though it might seem like blockchain is dominating the conversations you have with tech enthusiasts around you, the game-changing online infrastructure is still in its infancy.

Companies like CoinStop and DigitalX are dominating the Australian scene at the moment, however the first true blockchain ‘unicorn’ is yet to reveal itself……. Read the Full Article


Australian farmers have started to use blockchain to track produce from paddock to plate

Source: Business Insider Australia
11th April 2018, 4:55 PM

BlockGrain, a software solution to automate the sharing of information across all agriculture supply chains, just raised $3.5 million from private investors.

The startup is also launching Australia’s first public token, or initial coin offering, sale in the agriculture industry, looking for $25 million…… Read the Full Article

‘It’s a big opportunity’: Lithuania has a plan to benefit from Brexit

Source: Business Insider Australia
28th February 2018, 5:30 PM

  • Lithuania wants to become a fintech hub.
  • MEP who set up Blockchain Centre says Brexit is “a big opportunity” to attract businesses.
  • Thirty five companies applied to be licensed in Lithuania last year.
  • UK-headquartered startups Revolut and TransferGo have already chosen to set up EU subsidiaries in the Eastern European country.

LONDON – Lithuania is betting that Brexit can help it become a global fintech hub, as the Eastern European country seeks to attract British companies setting up subsidiaries in the EU…. Read the Full Article


10 blockchain startups have made it into Melbourne’s Block Engine incubator program

Source: Business Insider Australia
21st February 2018, 4:04 PM

Revolutionising the supply chain for the construction industry, disrupting healthcare funding and creating a technology-driven retail bank are among the goals of ten startups accepted into the first cohort of Block Engine, Melbourne’s first blockchain incubator program.

Blockchain Centre, a not-for-profit knowledge hub and co-working space for blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, has selected ten from more than 30 applicants to take part in the 10-week program starting this week….. Read the Full Article

Blockchain Centre CEO Martin Davidson interview with Skynews Business

Source: YouTube
15th December 2017

Martin Davidson (CEO of Blockchain Centre) answers to Sky News commentators about the future for Bitcoin trading, blockchain companies and what the Blockchain Centre is doing to grow awareness and the community!…. View the Full Video