April 20, 2024

Social media can be a great way to attract customers to your business. It’s free or low-cost. You may already know this. After a rough year, Facebook finished 2018 with 1,49 billion daily users. Instagram has over 1 billion users and reviews sites like Yelp! Trip Advisor and other review sites influence customers’ decisions to visit your store. Any marketing strategy should include social media. You can quickly spread the word about sales, events, promotions, and more once you have a large following. Here are some innovative strategies for leveraging your social media profile.

Top photos and words.

Want to sell more? It would help if you appealed to people’s senses rather than logic. Imagine you own a Thai food van. People searching “Thai Food Near Me” on social media sites may find you, but they will then look for something unique. Do you have a profile that matches all the other pad Thai menus? Do you have vibrantly colored close-ups of the mouthwatering green curries with vegetables, including a swirling of white coconut cream and a garnish of red pepper and cilantro on top? Eye-catching photos can help convince people to visit your establishment. Are you a local drinking hole? You can show pictures of friends in a warm, intimate space or a shot of top-shelf alcohol in excellent lighting.

Your photos should make people drool if you are selling food. If you sell a salon, your images should make people want to get a massage. Or daydream of your Zen-like rooms that have elegant waterfall features. It would help if you appealed to their deepest desire.

It all starts with stunning imagery. With your smartphone, you can make your profile pop by taking great photos of your team, location, or products. Use filters, take close-up shots, and use the best lighting to create an effect. Consider taking some that are not in the center, or add visual interest by contrasting something in the foreground with something in the background.

Now, get them to want.

Your advertisement was successful. They clicked it away after nodding in approval. You want them to click the ad and purchase something right now, not ….. What makes customers make such a commitment? It’s a sense of urgency.

Here are a few ideas to help you create it:

  • Use phrases like “for a short time only,” “today,” and “now.”
  • Use words such as “limited edition,” “only a few left,” or “exclusive deal” to make them feel like they’re missing out.
  • Display a countdown timer.
  • The negative consequences of inaction should be highlighted. You may never see the offer again.
  • Games or contests can bring out the competitiveness in your child.

Be recognizable.

Your customers are constantly bombarded with advertising, including pop-ups, robocalls, emails, and other forms. How do they work? They can use mental shortcuts to find the things that interest them quickly…and then ignore everything else. How can you make sure that they get your latest offer? Consistency in colors, fonts, and design styles will help you make your marketing stand out. You develop a branding and then stick with it.

Your ideal customer is the key to success.

New advertisers often make the mistake of trying to appeal to all. You can get the most bang out of your advertising budget by knowing when your ideal customers will likely visit your social media page. Create a buyer persona to ensure your ads appeal to more than one “ideal” customer type. Are you targeting a mom who stays home with her three children, or is it a young couple without kids? Different “personas” shop differently and have different types of ads.

Ask, and you shall receive.

Those are just the first two steps if your ads are eye-catching and resonate well with your customers. Your ads should also drive your customers toward the desired Action related to your business goals. You want them to buy a product. Will they sign up for a particular event? Do you want more shares and likes? Do you want to build an email list for your business? You can guide your customer in the right direction with a call-to-action.

Calls to Action also help your customers get oriented. They can tell at a glance what the advertisement is about and what they will get if they click a link or button. It helps them get in the right mindset to know what they will do when clicking the link.


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