Two Day Blockchain Technology Course


The Blockchain Centre is pleased to present Australia’s Premier Blockchain Technology Course.

Blockchain Technology – a 2 day workshop delivered on Saturday 14th and 21st July 10am-5pm in Southbank.


Blockchain Technology – 2 day course- Cost is $2000 ( $1800 earlybird for the first 10 attendees).


Sat., 14/07/2018 and Sat. 21/07/2018, 10.00am to 5:00 pm AEST

The Program Content will be as follows:

In depth Overview of Blockchain Technology

  1. Bitcoin
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • Explore the ideas behind Bitcoin ?
  • Privacy, Secrecy and Anonymity
  • Openness
  1. Bitcoin Software Detail Introduction
  • Bitcoin Software Universe
  • Wallet and Thin Clients
  • Full Node /Bitcoin Core
  • Voters / Miners (POW)
  • Software Libraries (multi language including Java, Python, Javascript, etc)
  • Cryptography Algorithms in Bitcoin
  1. Voting System
  • Mining
  • Block / Block Chain
  • Fee
  1. Beyond Bitcoins
  • Meta Coins
  • Alt Coins
  • Other Blockchain solutions
  1. ICO’s
  • Understanding ICO’s
  • Real Case Studies


There is no pre-requisites for this part of the course.

About the Presenter

Blockchain Technology- Anouk Pinchetti

Anouk Pinchetti’s career has spanned three decades in the IT industries across three continents within the Government, Utilities, Corporate and Community sectors. Anouk has studied complementary and alternative currencies for twenty years and first heard about Bitcoin in 2010, and began leading workshops in the technology in 2017. Anouk is a Blockchain Technology Educator and Consultant with the Blockchain Centre in Melbourne, as well as an Educator and Business Strategy Consultant with Intraverse Blockchain Technologies.