April 23, 2024

Unfortunately, selecting a POS system isn’t as simple as looking at resumes and interviewing your best candidate. There are a few key features that you should look for in a POS system. What to look for in your search?


Best POS systems are more than just payment acceptance. The configurations of today will streamline your daily operations and free up time to focus on more critical tasks.

Payment terminals that accept credit cards, debit cards, EMV chips, or contactless payments (like Apple Pay) are standalone devices. POS systems combine hardware and software to track sales, manage employees and inventory, and provide insight into customer behavior. Clover is a POS that allows you to send and store digital receipts. You can also build your customer database for marketing and loyalty.

Centralized data storage

Depending on its setup, POS systems with centralized data storage may be an excellent advantage for your business. Cloud-based POS systems give you flexibility and the space to expand your business in any direction. Do you have customers who visit your business at different locations? Sell online and off? Do you manage inventory in multiple locations? It would help if you looked for a system to track all sales, returns, and restocking from one central location.

A centralized storage system is the most important. It ensures that your data will be securely stored while you are on the move. It would help if you looked for a POS system that can monitor sales, cash, employees, and inventory in a single report or dashboard. The best POS software will allow you to gain new insights daily and track how your business has changed over time.

Customization capabilities

Each business is different, so not all features in a POS are right for you. Choose a POS with powerful customization options, such as app integrations or channel-specific customization.

Adding a POS system should be easy. App integrations are a great way to do this. Clover App Market offers all the tools needed to customize your POS for your business. POS software with integration capabilities allows your applications, such as Quickbooks and your payroll software, to communicate directly. Your POS system should be able to connect directly to your business setup for particularly time-consuming tasks, such as bookkeeping or payroll.

Mobile capabilities

Consider this before you get nostalgic about those old cash registers. People perceive waiting times to be longer than they are. Mobile payment systems can create a pleasant customer experience and encourage them to return. A mobile POS is an excellent option for food trucks, restaurants that accept payment at the table, and other vendors that are not tethered. Instead of forcing customers to wait in line, they can process payments directly at the point of sale. Your business can now sell anywhere.


Many merchants worry that they will invest heavily in a POS system only to have it become outdated two years later. The EMV chip card is the latest trend, but Apple Pay and contactless payments are also rising.

The right POS will always allow your customers to pay in the most convenient way for them. You want a POS that will keep up with the demands of your customers and support you wherever your business goes. In a year, you may want to upgrade your POS. You may need help to prevent you from accepting transactions. You want 24/7/365 free telephone customer service. Also, a help app can be beneficial.

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